Sealcoating St. Joesph Mercy Hospital


    PONTIAC, Michigan – July 31, 2014

    Birmingham Sealcoat, a top-quality asphalt and concrete paving and maintenance company located in Lake Orion, Michigan, has recently completed hand-sealcoating over one million square feet of commercial parking lot at Saint Joseph Mercy Hospital.

    Sealcoating is a process in which a specially formulated liquid is spread over existing asphalt in order to increase the life of the pavement by filling small cracks and adding an additional buffer against inclement weather and spills. Sealcoating, especially when done by hand and not by spray systems, also provides a uniform and neat appearance to asphalt, increasing the curb appeal of your business or home.

    Birmingham Sealcoat owner Ryan Austin continuously emphasizes the importance of performing regular maintenance on the asphalt at your business or home. “When asphalt is neglected, it can not only become unsightly to customers or potential buyers, but it can also damage cars and become a major safety hazard to pedestrians. Regular maintenance saves you the money of costly repairs down the road or even having to re-pave, while also keeping customers or family members safe.”


    St Joes Sealcoat


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