About Sealcoating

Unfortunately, all asphalt deteriorates over time… that’s why it’s beneficial to protect your asphalt investment with sealcoating! Not only will it protect your asphalt surface from spills, add a “buffer” against inclement weather, and fill small cracks, but it will also provide a neat, uniform appearance, enhancing the curb appeal of your business or home. Birmingham Sealcoat hand applies all sealer, no matter how big the job, giving you a thicker and more consistent application, ultimately increasing the life of your sealcoat job. Hand applying sealer rather than spraying also ensures that the landscape or pavers surrounding your driveway or parking lot will remain pristine throughout the job.

Birmingham Sealcoat can also sealcoat with Diamond Shield, an additive that can give you full use of your asphalt in 6-8 hours. Call us for details!

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Sealcoat Links

 Sealcoat and Stripe Video
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